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  • How can I apply for a plot at Ashgate Allotment Society?
    You can apply by completing an application form which you can access on the top menu bar of this website. Once we have received your application, 3 Committee members will meet with you to approve your application. The majority of our allotments are classed as half size. New Allotmenteers will only be given a half size plot initially.
  • Can I apply for more than 1 plot?
    All new Allotmenteers are first given a half size plot. Upon successful completion of a probationary period, Allotmenteers can apply for an additional plot subject to Committee approval.
  • How long is the probationary period?
    In growing season (May - September), the probationary period for new Allotmenteers is 3 months. Outside of these months, the probationary period varies depending on the weather.
  • How many hours a week does it take to attend to an allotment?
    Per half size plot, we recommend that you should spend 2 hours or more on your plot each week throughout the year.
  • Can I put a shed or greenhouse on my allotment?
    Yes, however this is subject to approval from the Committee as a decision will be made as to if the design fits in with the aesthetic of the site.
  • How often are allotments inspected by the Committee?
    The Committee inspect the allotments from a health & safety and Chesterfield Borough Council perspective every month. It is a requirement of our insurers that we provide a safe working environment for all Allotmenteers. Chesterfield Borough Council require us to keep a clean and tidy site and each plot must be 75% under cultivation.
  • Who is allowed on site?
    The main tenant of each plot becomes a member of the society. There can then be another 3 associate members named on the tenancy agreement who are allowed on the site. Only the main tenant gets a vote on any society matters.
  • Can I bring my dog to the allotment?
    Yes, as long as your dog stays on your plot, is on a lead and any dog mess is cleared up and removed off the site.
  • Can associate members become the main tenant on the plot?
    Should the main tenant decide to withdraw their membership, the Committee will review the tenancy agreement and review if the new named associate can become the main tenant.
  • How can I get in touch with the Committee?
    You can either complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of the home page, or you can email
  • Can I bring any third party contractors onto the site to do some work for me?
    You must speak to a member of the Committee first before any third party contractor comes onto the site (for example to construct a shed). This will then be reviewed to ensure that we have a safe system at work in place. This is a requirement of our insurer.
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